Norman, to kolejna osoba, którą poznałam na SoundCloudzie, i która też okazała się moją bratnią duszą jeśli chodzi o wszelkie brzmienia. Dlatego poprosiłam go o stworzenie dla Was playlisty, tak byście mogli poznać trochę nowej muzyki, serwowanej przez niemieckiego blogera :) Jeśli znacie niemiecki i macie ochotę na więcej – zapraszam Was na bloga IndieBerlin.

I am listening to music all day long and there
are so much good artists to discover every day,
but these 10 musicians from germany are my favourites!
I hope you like them too! Please enjoy.


Nils Frahm – Said And Done

The first time i saw „Nils Frahm” was 2009 at Schokoladen here in Berlin. I wanted to see „Peter Broderick” and Nils supported him back then. I was blown away when he started playing the piano! The music was so beautiful and he had so much energy! After that i bought every new album and followed his career. Its great to see him playing much bigger venues around the world now and i can´t wait to see him at Volksbühne in a few weeks. Check out the amazing video of „Said And Done (live at Haldern Pop Festival 2010)”. Well done Nils!


Kileza – Think Of You



I discovered „Kileza” a few weeks ago when i was reading about another great band called „FINS!”. She supported the band at the gig at Privatclub. Sadly i couldn´t make it to the show, but i felt in love with her voice! So iam listen to her music almost every day now and iam really enjoing it! Please check out her music and if you like it you can download the Album „A Berlin Winter” for free here: Thanks Kileza!



Bersarin Quartett – Was Auch Passiert

Most of the time i am travelling alone. I like it to wake up in a different city and to make discoveries by my own. This band is my soundtrack to it. The new album comes out on 02.11.2015. Hopefully!


Colour Haze – Aquamaria

I was never really into Stoner Rock, but i saw Colour Haze supporting Motorpsycho a few years ago and that changed my mind! What a great show and music! They are on tour in February/March, so please go to one of the shows. Check out the track „Aquamaria” and the new album „To The Highest Gods we Know”! Highly recommended!


Zazie Von EinemAnderen Stern – Raum Ohne Zeit

„Zazie Von Einem Anderen Stern” (Zazie from another star) is a talented musician from berlin and she composes and performs unconventional piano compositions. You can find the track „Raum ohne Zeit” on the album „regen:tropfen”. I hope to hear more new music soon!


Claire – Strictly For The Birds

„Claire” are from Munich and i saw them live at BI NUU. It was a great evening and i bought the EP „Broken Promised Land” after the show. The song „Strictly For The Birds” is not on the EP, but still on my playlists for friends and family. I hope they release something new soon!


LOT – Warum Soll Sich Das Ändern

‪This is one of my favourite tracks of 2014 and i don´t know how often i was listening to it! :) „Weiß nicht wohin wir wollen. Weiß nicht wie spät es wird. Fahr nur vor. Ich folge dir.” The release day for the Album „200 Tage” is the 17.04. and i am looking forward to it! ‬


No King. No Crown. – Golden Silver

„No King. No Crown” are from Dresden and i discovered René and his band just a few days ago. What a fantastic voice and what a great song! If you like „City And Colour”, then you will like „No King. No Crown.” as well. You can find the Song „Golden Silver” on the new EP „Homesick” on Flix Records.


Sometree – Sink Or Swim

This track if from my favourite album „Yonder” by „Sometree”. Sadly it was their last one. I don´t know what these guys are doing now, but i hope they are well! Thank you Sometree!


Daturah – Hybrisma

I really like the genre post-rock and a few years ago i discovered the band „Daturah” from Frankfurt. I never saw them live, but i am still listening to the last album „Reverie”. It came out 2008, but it is still worth a listen! They broke up, but you can find some of the bandmembers in new bands. So please check them out!



I jak Wam się podobają te niemieckie brzmienia? :)